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Giving Better Christmas Gifts to our Children

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Giving Better Christmas Gifts to our Children by Laura Cooper, Strategic Development Director of FamiliesAlive Black Friday is just a few days away! Do you feel weary already? It know I do! Did you know that the average American family is expecting to spend $967.13 this year on Christmas presents? In a culture with a

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From My Heart to Yours — There are NO “Should-Haves” with Our God

By Becky Shultz Curriculum Developer, FamiliesAlive Homeschooling mom of 6 Here I am. Again. Sitting in a similar place I was sitting in one year ago. Only this time, I already know the Lord’s reply. He has given the same patient reply every single time I go down this road. Every time I think these

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Forcing Family Fun: When Your Kids Don’t Want To Participate

By Becky Shultz Curriculum Developer, FamiliesAlive Homeschooling mom of 6 A Crazy Question There we were…sitting at Chipotle with two other families after a U14 soccer game. Ben (our 16-yr-old son) was missing his partner in crime, Big Brother Aaron (18), who was serving on a mission trip out of the country. He had just

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Red Means Stop, Green Means Go: Spiritual Driving Lessons

By Brian Shultz Watch Out…New Driver! If only driving, and life, were easy… I just got out of the car, this time from the unfamiliar passenger side, as my teenage son just completed his first ever driving lesson with me, just minutes after passing his written test and getting his permit at the DMV.  All

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Helping Your Children Resist Sexual Temptation: A Look at Proverbs 1-9

by David Baer, President & CEO of FamiliesAlive® The concept of sexual purity is increasingly foreign in our society. We live in a “Vegas” day and age – Sin City, USA might as well be the motto and the rule for our culture. But even a casual reading of the first nine chapters of the

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One Thing We Must NEVER Do As Parents

by Becky Shultz Got kids? Then you’ve got wonderful blessings – gifts from on high! You’ve also got disagreements, issues, messes, worriment, and trouble. And the older those kids get, the bigger the problems get, the more difficult those difficulties are to handle. Let me tell you about this little trap we fall into when

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