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Family Time Materials

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The Shape of Sunday

by Rachel Scott When I was a child, Sunday meant going to church and singing my heart out. After church, my family and I would head to my great grandparent’s farm in Carol County, Virginia to enjoy a meal around the table and an afternoon of play.  I remember riding the tire swing, running through

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10 Reasons Why Growing Up in a Big Family is the Best

By Laura Shultz As the oldest of six kids, I’ve learned a thing or two about the joy (and pain!) of having a big family. Looking back over my childhood, let me share just a couple reasons why growing up with a lot of siblings is basically the greatest thing ever. 1. It’s impossible to

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Let Go and Let God

By Mindy Thomas Mother of 9(!) in Texas I love when things are neat and tidy. I enjoy a scrubbed kitchen, a freshly made bed, a pressed shirt, a new car that smells like leather, clean windows and door pulls, sparkling refrigerator shelves and clothes organized by color and style. These sights put a smile

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Family Planning

Life doesn’t always go as planned. Christ found me when life was playing out just the way I wanted. I was 24, married to my college sweetie with a good job in a new city. I was grateful. Being raised by a single parent, life before college was a tale of humble beginnings. The first

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The Hojnowski Family

A Word

By Marianne H. Homeschooling Mom in Colorado Sometimes I get ahead of myself and of God. I am a forward thinker, envisioning the future. Several years ago, the Lord, in His attempt to slow my mind down to the present, asked me to focus on One Word for the entire year—to name my year with

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Beauty from Ashes

During the first snow of the winter here in Colorado, I was reminded how peaceful and fresh the world seems after a snowstorm. My children, however, didn’t seem to notice the beauty or the tranquility that came with it. In fact, they were more like their own small blizzard. There are six of them and

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