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aunt tense


by Ruth Baer We buried my Aunt Tense a few weeks ago. She was 94, lived a long life and died peacefully in her sleep. Her son, Larry, led the funeral service. All of us gathered together to say our last goodbyes – we came from near and far. There were the Colorado families, the

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From My Heart to Yours — When All You Want for Mother’s Day is Healing for Your Daughter and You Don’t Get it

I woke up on Sunday, May 8 feeling absolutely pulverized. Since September, we have been trying our darndest to live a semi-normal life while searching for answers to Hannah’s health issues. If you’ve followed along, you know that our college-sophomore daughter got sick just after classes started at Pepperdine University last fall. After three weeks

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And even this moment.

God is Bigger

By Hannah Shultz 20-year-old sister of 6 This life is full of moments, moments that range from extreme joy to the deepest of sorrows, moments that range from perfectly healthy to deathly ill, moments that range from peak strength to valley-low weakness. As we journey our way through these moments, we tend to let our

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Tips to Try at the Table

By David Baer, Executive Director of FamiliesAlive In Dolores Curran’s survey work, over 500 counselors, pastors, teachers, therapists, and other professionals who routinely worked with families ranked “table time” as #13 out of a list of 56 possible traits of a healthy family. The #1 trait of a healthy family is that they communicate and

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The Shape of Sunday

by Rachel Scott When I was a child, Sunday meant going to church and singing my heart out. After church, my family and I would head to my great grandparent’s farm in Carol County, Virginia to enjoy a meal around the table and an afternoon of play.  I remember riding the tire swing, running through

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10 Reasons Why Growing Up in a Big Family is the Best

By Laura Shultz As the oldest of six kids, I’ve learned a thing or two about the joy (and pain!) of having a big family. Looking back over my childhood, let me share just a couple reasons why growing up with a lot of siblings is basically the greatest thing ever. 1. It’s impossible to

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