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Hosting a FamiliesAlive Retreat or Seminar

For years, FamiliesAlive has hosted parenting seminars and family retreats in churches across the US.

As we travel around the country, we find that so many Christian parents today feel under-equipped to teach their own children about the Lord. It saddens us to see so many young people leaving the church because they don’t have a strong faith foundation. The church, in turn, has struggled to partner with and equip the families in their church.

FamiliesAlive exists to help equip parents and churches to disciple the next generation. Our seminar team travels anywhere in the US, bringing customizable seminars that fit the needs of your families to your church and our prices are affordable.

For inquiries or to set up an event, call us at (303) 484-1768 or email us at

Our Current Seminars and Retreats

Next Generation

The Next Generation Seminar has two tracks:

Mom and Daughter HugNext Generation Parents

In this seminar, we will work with the parents in your church to understand that their first priority is to disciple their children, teaching them to know, love, and serve the Lord. We will provide practical solutions and brainstorming sessions around what it looks like to have a faith-filled home.

Next Generation Church LeadersHappy Kids

This seminar is designed to help the people leading your church understand the importance of partnering with families to disciple the children in your care. We offer practical suggestions and brainstorming sessions around how church leaders can work with families and revolutionize their children and student ministries to impact the next generation for Christ.

Mom and Dad holding newborn

Job One For Moms & Dads

Every church needs a way to proactively address the needs of their young families. And every young Mom and Dad need a way to train their children to know, love and serve the LORD. In this retreat, Session 1 is devoted to giving parents and grandparents a Biblical rationale for intentionally passing the faith to their children. In Session 2, we make it practical, unpacking the tools for doing the job effectively. It can also be offered as a one through two session seminar, to meet the needs of your families. Your church will be strengthened and your parents will receive the coaching they need to succeed in job one!



Family of 6Strategies For Great Family Relationships

Suppose you could ask 500 family professionals – teachers, doctors, pastors, Boy Scout and Girl Scout leaders, social workers and others – what makes for a great family? Then suppose these professionals consistently pointed to 15 qualities they saw time and again in families that were successful. You’d like to check them out and try to make them a part of your family life as well, wouldn’t you?

With the help of these sessions, the families of your church or group can learn how to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, how to work on problem areas and how to make their family relationships better than ever. No matter if they’re young adults just starting out, Moms or Dads wondering how to cope or a Grandparent just hoping to help, this three to five session crash course will help strengthen your families.

What Matters MostMulti-generational Family

Sure we know what really is important, don’t we? But everyone is busy and besides, there are so many good things vying for our time. Before you know it, what really matters most gets pushed to the sidelines.

Here’s an opportunity for the families of your church or group to call “time out!” and just refocus. Three fun sessions will get your families thinking about the time crunch families face today and how they can keep focused on the things that matter most. Here is solid, biblical help with lots of skits, multi-media punch and interaction. Your families will be encouraged and get a better sense of how the Lord can help them pass eternal values to the next generation.

Daughters Hugging DadOrdinary People, Extraordinary Families

A look at God’s covenant loyalty in action in the lives of his people as they learn to live by grace. The Covenant of Grace takes center stage as the stories of Noah, Abraham and Ruth show how God can make a dramatic difference in your family. In four to six sessions, the families of your church or group will learn how God is faithful in fashioning  families of faith. Your families will be encouraged in all their relationships as they see firsthand how God works in the midst of the real stuff of life.

A Simple Formula For Raising Faithful KidsEphesians 6:4

Ever wish you could come up with a simple formula for raising faithful children? (There really aren’t any, you know.) But the Bible comes as close as possible in Ephesians 6. Equip your families with what they need to raise faithful children. Three or four sessions with skits, multi-media and more will grab the attention of your families and help them to fulfill their role as parents and grandparents. A fun time for kids and parents alike!

Father praying with DaughtersThe Priesthood of Parents

This is a new retreat/seminar series that is grabbing a lot of attention! It is based on the simple premise that Moms and Dads are part of the Royal Priesthood of all believers and that they have a special ministry to their children. In two or three sessions we unfold the unique role that God has given parents as family priests, and help them learn how to model the Lord Jesus’ High Priestly ministry in the way they relate to and train their children.

Seasons In A Family’s LifeFamily Photo in the Snow

As children grow up, and families change and mature together, families go through different seasons. Besides that, who knows what storms or difficulties lie ahead for any one of us? This three-to-four session seminar, based on the book of Ecclesiastes, gives families practical help and the encouragement of God’s grace as they face the changes that are an inevitable part in a family’s life.

Kids Eating Ice CreamTraining Children to be Spiritual Champions

Using the unique relationship of the Apostle Paul to Timothy, Moms, Dads and grandparents are encouraged to raise faith-full servants of King Jesus. Your families will be refreshed by the relevant application of Paul’s letters to his son in the faith. Four through six sessions.

How to Raise Wise ChildrenFamily On Bikes

This series deals with the main topics of Proverbs. In this seminar, we will walk through the “6 Rs” of Wisdom – which are just as contemporary now as in the days of Solomon! In two through four sessions, your families will learn how to apply the principles of wisdom in this book to impact the lives of their children.

Siblings resting on Mom's Stomach

Wouldn’t it be nice it there was a way to share with other families and maybe find some of the answers about parenting? Got Kids? is a fun and practical opportunity to do just that. In three or four sessions, we’ll take a look at what God’s Word says about raising the next generation to know, love and serve the Lord, and we will talk about what that means for parents, children and the Church.


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