Word 4

Words of Grace – Part 1

Our first series helps children understand the first four of the Ten Commandments. Presented as a gift from God to give us the best kind of life, each commandment is summarized in one easily learned word. In Words 1-4, using stories from the Bible, our children learn what it means to have a meaningful relationship with the Lord.

Right now, we’re working on a new Series, Jesus, Who Are You? When that series is finished we will return to finish Words 5-10, in which our children will learn what God expects in our relationships with others.

Word 4 – Rest



Family Time materials from FamiliesAlive® are designed to help parents with an age old problem. How can our family have a consistent and meaningful time together studying God’s word and worshiping the Lord? What we offer is a unique package designed to encourage families to regularly have a family time that stimulates discussion and learning. Most of all, it helps encourage parents and their children in their relationship with the Lord and others.

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