Words Of Grace

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The Words of Grace devotional series is designed to help children understand the Ten Commandments. Each commandment is summarized in one easily-learned word and brought to life with a variety of exciting Bible stories.

Word 1 – LORD
Children will learn that our God is the One True God and that we get to have a relationship with Him.

Word 2 – Worship

Children will learn that God alone deserves our worship.

Word 3 – Reverence

Children will learn that we are to show reverence to our powerful and loving God.

Word 4 – Rest

Children will learn that we can rest every day in our Savior Jesus Christ.


Jamie Parkell

May 6, 2016at 10:54 am

My children and I LOVE the Family Time Materials ! We use this for our Bible time during our homeschool day. I like it better than any Bible curriculum I’ve ever used!


September 22, 2016at 11:46 am

I have done a bible study for five days a week since july 25th, my family love spending this time together and praising God’s name!! I’m finally got to Sheep sleep now im wondering what I can do next. they will be looking forward to this tonight and tomorrow.

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